Shelley Juliet Parker (miss_sunny_dale) wrote in comfort_friends,
Shelley Juliet Parker

Welcome to my new boy

X-posted Here and my Journal
Willow: Hmm I wonder whats in here........ Willow: Kind of hard to open big boxes Willow: What is it? Willow: Wow it's a little boy! JP: Hi it's nice to meet you all! I'm so excited about being here! JP: It's nice to meet you Willow: I'm Willow, who are you cutie? JP: I'm JP, it's short for John Paul. Willow: Thats a cute name...... JP: Thanks, Mum wanted something cool and funky but you know, classic......ish. Willow: Well cutie, you should pose now! JP: Watch me strike funky poses! JP: So....... what do you think of me?
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